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Get in touch and book a ONE MINUTE FIT session for your event, corporate get-to-gether or inspirationday.
Contact me and see for available dates and times and ask me for tips & trick’s to energise your corporate network-, brainstorm- or celebration day.​

Interactive icebreaker
During a meeting/conference or other corporate session, participants are actively engaging in energetic, fun and deepening interventions.
You learn more about a person in one hour of play than in a year of conversation
Get to know yourself, the other and the group during the inspirational sessions. Authentic relationships, the joy of working together and consciously tapping into the energy source we all possess.
Joshua Samson facilitates groups from high energy to reflective moments.
From interactive Energiser sessions around Health & Wellbeing till experiencing Wu Wei (the art of 'not doing' and Mindfulness)
Corporate events that bring energy, joy and engagement.
The One Minute Fit sessions can be weaved through the programme. An icebreaker to start, an energiser in between speakers, a reflective moment after sharing of information and a grand finale to finalise the day.
Energy, connecting, engaging
The sessions are designed to connect and create an atmosphere of knowledge exchange, openness, creativity and enhance working together in a inspirational way.
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There are postures for; Standing up, Sitting down or Lying Flat on the ground.

One Minute Fit is a method that can help you built and/or sustain the overall health of your body. The series of exercises are developed to enhance physical strength and flexibility and improve deep relaxation.

The One Minute Fit routines can be performed at any time and at any place in regular clothing. The exercises take one minute each.

One Minute Fit can be performed by all people alike, all ages, all levels. You decide the level of intensity and your maximum input. One Minute Fit is a series of exercises that can be done while traveling, riding on a bus, car or airplane. However also during meetings, at the desk, while walking or even when waking up or going to bed.

Joshua Samson

Joshua Samson (April 3rd 1967) is a facilitator with 30+ years of experience in bringing Health & Wellbeing via experiential learning to companies and organisations and is the founder of the Health and Wellness methodology (1’F!T)
Joshua is specialised in engaging audiences. He delivers a series of experiences from a Health & Wellbeing point of view as well as applying music and the arts to enhance learning and development, atmosphere, group dynamics and energy during a conference, seminar or corporate session.
Joshua’s facilitation style is warm and open and participants find his activities, story-telling and sense of humor, fun and inspiring.
He has a highly engaging way of working. Joshua’s talent and qualities provide useful tips & tools for participants personal and business life.
Joshua speaks Dutch, English, German and Spanish.
Apart from his music and facilitating career he is also 13 year+ Certified Instructor in the Authentic Pilates Method, a practise he started since 1992 combined with Yoga and Martial Arts. As a musician he is at the fore-front of electronically performing with deep-sampled acoustic instruments featured in the livestream series: Livestream = Lifestream with newly developed electronic instruments and applications.
His many travels to India brought him in touch with (Active) Meditation, Mindfulness and various ways to restore the mind/body connection. His in depth knowledge on nutrition and his focus on wellbeing, stress relief and personal development bring a depth of knowledge and experience of work-life balance to his sessions.
Also he delivers on-line DigiVentions for teams, groups and individuals varying from; Energisers, knowledge sharing, relaxing and reflecting sessions and (group) coaching on co-creating, listening skills and organisational development.
He integrates keynote speaking illustrated by his music, voice and interactive examples, sharing his years of experience with consultants, CEO’s, management teams and people interested in the insights that Health & Wellbeing can bring to the workspace.
Joshua has established himself as one of the most successful providers of energetic, creative and interactive experiences and artistic corporate training programs, his in depth work has brought him to many companies and organisations world-wide. The development and key topics in this time span went from team assessments to change management, from company mergers and blending cultural differences to personal development programs.
At this moment one of his favourite topics is “Corporate Health & Wellbeing”, being ready for new ways of working, communication and embracing cultural diversity.
Joshua is more than just a gifted health-practitioner and musician who delivers sessions, seminars and masterclasses. He is also a connector, bridge builder, ice breaker and interactive host. With very little means he can create harmony and energy in a group.
Joshua is well know for his ability to merge with groups and create an atmosphere of relaxation while being fully alert, he leaves his audiences energised, fit and with a zest for the process and laughing with joy during his interactive interventions. He performed for the Dutch Royal family on various occasions as well as for the World Food Program international executives and United Nation VIP’s and many top 100 companies as well as NGO’s, Government organisations and Corporate Inspiration days.
“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato


Book your private class, series of classes or a massage therapy session. Contact me and we schedule your first session together. Each training we will work on what you need most. You will experience concentration, centring, control, breath, precision and flow. You are welcome to apply for a discount on your investment if you are a student, musician, artist, yoga-, pilates-, health- or lifestyle teacher, lightworker, shaman or starting independent worker.