Learn more about the Pilates Method

 A repertoire of more than 500 exercises, performed on various pieces of equipment or on a mat.The range of exercises goes from quite easy to extremely advanced. From smaller moves to big expansive ones. 

More than floor exercises on a mat (around 10 to 12%)  the Pilates Method is mostly equipment based.

Pilates works the whole body equally and re-balances the body. When moving in a particular and precise way: movement is both the exerciser, what makes you strong, loose and even and ultimately, movement is the healer bringing about the change you are looking for.

While you involve yourself in the way you move, both with control and purpose, the mind and imagination are engaged. Eventually, the process becomes intuitive and therefore it restores natural, normal even elegant movement. 

With the focus of your mind and it’s imagination the movements become more efficient and effective. You will achieve a wide range of benefits and general awareness of your body and the way it moves. 

You also learn to guide your breath and follow it in a natural fashion: “moving with the breath”.





























Just about everybody: young, elderly, out of condition, athletes, dancers, musicians, business people, anyone requiring top form. 
The work is tailored to the individual, so it can be as gentle as needed or as challenging as desired. 
At SamsonPilates we will guide you towards improving your whole fitness level.


Simply because it delivers very good results. Over 80 years of success stories. 
Also it is very accessible: you can be 10 or 90 years old and in just about any condition.


The idea in general is that you get more flexible, stronger and gain control over your movements.
Using and exercising the whole body with focus and intention.

When improving the mind-body connection you will experience a positive impact in other areas of life as well.

You will Feel better in ten sessions look better in twenty sessions and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.

Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates formulated 6 basic principles for his exercise technique

1. Breathing

The pattern of breathing is connected with the pattern of movement. It ensures a free flow of cleansing oxygen throughout the body, improves circulation and helps to avoid unnecessary tension in the muscles.

2. Precision

The Pilates method emphasises quality of movement over quantity.

3. Centring

Centring refers to the practice of initiating and controlling movement from the center or “Powerhouse” – abs, buttocks and back muscles. This concept lies at the heart of the Pilates work.

4. Flowing

Movement in combination with deep and relaxed breathing, the flowing movements in Pilates reduce stress on the body and the risk of injury.

5. Control​

Control is vital!  Imagination and will-power are benefitting from the Pilates Method. You are in charge of the movements (and springs).

6. Concentration

Mind & Body are working closely together. Every exercise requires your full attention. Observe your body while performing the routines.

Joshua Samson

Joshua Samson 3rd April 1967, definitely Aries, is a professional Pilates Instructor, educated and certified in the Authentic Pilates Method (Romana’s Pilates).

I received my training under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska by master teacher Marjorie Oron, Jane Poerwoatmodjo and graduated with Sari Mejia Santo (daughter of Romana Kryzanowska) and Juanita Lopez.

Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things

Pilates apparatus

samsonPilates works with TecnoPilates by paolo piccolo
Reformer - Cadillac - WundaChair - Magic Circle - HIGH CHAIR - Spine correctors - FOOT CORRECTOR - pedi-o-POLE - Arm Weights
Pilates apparatus

The best-known and most popular apparatus today, the Reformer, was originally called the Universal Reformer, aptly named for “Universally Reforming the Body”. It consists of a frame with a moving carriage in it, various springs, a headpiece, a footbar, shoulder-blocks and straps with handles. A jump board can be fixed on it and it comes with a box that is used in the ‘long’ and ‘short’ box series of exersize

The Reformer Pilates allows you to exercise in a horizontal plane of motion and not be vertically loaded and weight bearing through the legs. This  enables you to strengthen the muscles of the legs through a larger range of motion using a lighter resistance than the body weight. It speeds up the recovery process in injured or operated people through controlled movement. 

pilates apparatus

The Cadillac was named after the famous US car brand that represented “The best of everything” in their commercial campaign during the 1950s and 1960s.

The Cadillac is a specialised piece of Pilates equipment, also the largest Pilates apparatus, that enables you to tone and train almost every muscle group in your body.

 Resistance training, challenging poses and ‘circus like’ exercises are included in the routines. 

Like in all apparatus and the mat routines there are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced series. 

Also a great apparatus for people recovering from injuries or operations. 

You can ‘translate’ most mat exercises onto the Cadillac. 

pilates apparatus

The WundaChair was originally invented by Joseph Pilates as a piece of equipment to have at home, it transfers into a chair you can use in your living room, especially smart for smaller apartments in New York where Joseph invented it. 

Working out on the WundaChair helps you to improve your body flexibility, increase your range of motion, built strength in your arms and chest and decreases tension in he whole body. 

Specific moves on the WundaChair offer an intense challenging workout for your core muscles, also known as PowerHouse in the Pilates Method.

There is a whole series specially for men on the WundaChair that is pretty intense and not for the ‘faint of heart’.

pilates apparatus

The Magic Circle or the Pilates Ring or fitness circle is a rubber or metal ring that is about 33 tot 40 cm in diameter with two, small cushioned pads on either side.

This versatile piece of equipment is used to add resistance and an additional challenge to the Pilates exercises on the Cadillac, Mat or Standing series.

It is a great work-out tool to have at home and will bring you strength, flexibility, core stability and equilibrium.

Pilates Apparatus

The High Chair or Electric chair was so called because of its similarity to the infamous electric chair found in US prisons in the old days.

It is generally used to work on the legs, back, body position and strengthening of the powerhouse.

The resistance and challenge comes in the form of an adjustable spring resisted pedal. 

Mostly for the more advanced Pilates practitioner or sports people who need to work to align their movement and built up strength.

Pilates apparatus

The ladder barrel is made up of a large padded barrel mounted on a framework with a four foot ladder at one end, the position of the barrel is adjustable to accommodate people of different heights and leg lengths, exercises range from simple ballet style barre stretches to very advanced exercises requiring great abdominal strength, control and flexibility. This barrel can be used to perform exercises and exercise series which are also performed on other pieces of apparatus to add challenge to the workout order or experience the exercises done in the same way just on a different piece of apparatus.

pilates apparatus

The Spine Corrector is a barrel with a seat at one end. When performing an exercise your lumbar spine is supported. That assists the Powerhouse muscles in stabilising the torso during the training.

Also you can lay over the arc section of the barrel with your tailbone (coccyx) safely planted on the apex, the back then is supported by the curve in the barrel with the head and shoulders resting on the floor.

Lying in this position supports the back and releases tension in the back while keeping pressure and tension away from the neck and shoulders. It enhances flexibility and strength in the spine, core strength, improving flexibility and opening of the hip, chest and shoulder areas.

pilates apparatus

This small piece of apparatus is designed to “correct the feet”. Joe Pilates noticed that many of his clients had issues with the feet such as fallen arches (flat feet) and weak ankles amongst other difficulties. 

As he was very aware of how important the feet were to optimum functioning and alignment of the body he designed a series of movements and the apparatus.

Exercises on the Footcorrector (or even on two at the same time as I also teach) are used to help to strengthen the muscles of the feet and ankles.

 A good position in turn improves the functioning of the foot which will have a positive impact on the alignment of each joint in the chain above it. Ankle, knee, hip, back, etc

pilates apparatus

It is said that Joseph Pilates invented the Pole to help an opera singer to improve her performance. The purpose of the Pedi-o-Pole is aimed at improving posture, alignment, increase breath control and challenge your balance and control of movement.

The Pole is constructed from a small wooden base onto which a tall metal tube is mounted, on the top is another pole at 90 degrees making a large letter “T”, there are springs mounted at each end. 

The exercises are designed to use the upright pole as an image of the spine and remain in alignment with the pole throughout the movements.

The Pole has a small footplate making it quite unstable however the more challenging.

joshua samson

How a musician got into Pilates

My first encounter with the Pilates Method was when I was studying at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague as a drummer and had a lot of back pain and injuries because of (wrongly) carrying heavy drums and stands around from concert to concert. As I was hanging out a lot with dancers I one day asked my dear friend Annabelle Lopez Ochoa (check her out ! these days a top 3 choreographer travelling the world) what I could do. She then taught me the hundreds – an exercise to activate the body, work on the Powerhouse and making my stomach muscles stronger so to alleviate the pressure on my lower back.

My appetite for the method awoke. After graduating cum laude I got a scholarship to do post graduate studies in New York where one day I passed by he Re/Ab studio owned and run by Brooke Siler (see her books in the Pilates Gear section). I walked in and asked for the possibilities, Brooke was there and she immediately told me to come to the Cadillac and taught me a class, I was literally blown away – the energy, her flowing red hair and her teaching in jeans. So cool. I made an appointment for the following week and after that class she told me to pass the (then) Drago’s Gym studio at 50 West 57th St. and meet with Romana herself, I had no idea who all these people were nor did I had a clue of all the famous clientele they had. When I strolled into Dragos’ gym, Romana was there and she told the gentlemen doing the admin and appointments to make space for me for the following weeks…. Mind you she was fully booked ! I trained with her till I felt I couldn’t afford it anymore as a student of music in New York and even though I had a ‘special fee’ I had to give it up.

After finishing my studies I came back to The Hague, The Netherlands and when meeting with Annabelle one day telling her all about my Pilates adventures I then asked her where I could ever find such amazing Pilates classes in The Netherlands, she started laughing and told me the best teacher ever was….. In The Hague, the city I lived. So I went to ‘The Pilates Studio’ (1994) and met with Marjorie Oron, I immediately picked up on het energy, enthusiasm and skills and started training with her and some other teachers for 3 times a week. At that time my health insurance paid for that as I still had a back to work on and at the time Pilates was seen in the league of Physiotherapy, Mensendieck or other physical training they refunded. During the 12 years of training I was so many times asked to come do the education however my busy schedule of being a musician never allowed me till a big shift came in my life and I was stranded in my career and development and went into a ‘dark night of the soul’. All I had aimed for and pushed came to a stand still and depression and darkness overshadowed my existence, with a new born baby at home and no will, energy nor hope to go on I made a choice… I wanted to live and live well, healthy in both body, mind and spirit. I got help from the government by doing a ‘re-education’ programme and that way I could learn a new trade. For 1,5 years I went at least 20/30 hours a week to the studio to train, work on my teaching skills, learn the theory, teach and be taught by my colleagues (The amazing Kung Fu Panda team) that I am ever so grateful to: Rikke Mechlenborg, Amber Timmerman, Ricard Araujo, Grace Letts, Rosita Wever and quite a few others that were just finishing their education or were teachers at the studio or came in as the ‘apprentice generation’ after me. Too many too mention. However Veronica, Henry and Deamond and of course Yazmin and the amazing teacher Jane Poerwadjomo were such a support and inspiration. Not to speak about the frequent visits of Romana, Sari, Juanita, and then all these amazing teachers/studio owners from all over the world. Every CPE (Continued Pilates Education) 3 day workshops were such a joy to be part of. Like a family reunion. After graduating I taught at the Pilates Studio (The European education centre) for a good 4,5 years and gave mat classes at NJoy a fitness place at the WTC in The Hague. After a few years my then (Argentinian) wife was pretty fed up with The Netherlands and we moved to Javea (Xabia) in Spain. Amazing place at the coast in-between Alicante and Valencia. There I opened my own Pilates studio and worked a lot with athletes who came to train there. Cyclers, tri athletes, (swim, bike, run), a MMA dude, a runner with knee injuries and of course the pensionado that chose a life in the sun after a life of hard work in their country. At one point there were 8 nationalities in the mat classes.
Unfortunately due to the whole “Covid thingy” my studio was forced to close and more than that. I had to move back to The Netherlands as the situation became very grim. Since I am back in The Netherlands I worked for a good year at Pilates aan de Rijn, the studio run by my former Pilates apprentice colleague Amber Timmerman along with my former teacher Henry. The travel from and to was a bit intense so I then worked for a Pilates studio in The Hague doing 5 reformer group sessions, however I prefer more focused work with my clients so I opened my SamsonPilates studio for one-on-one training and in depth training/coaching for men although woman are also very welcome.

Also I do ‘Focussed Massage Therapy’ for when you are in pain or have injuries.

If you want to meet me and book a class, simply send me a WhatsApp or email or use the form on the website or just call me directly. The fee’s are mentioned for the various classes however as I myself was so generously supported by both Brooke Siler and Romana being a then studying musician I offer discount fees for (struggling or studying) musicians, artist and other ‘independent workers’.

Looking forward to be meeting you one day soon.

With health and Joy



Book your private class, series of classes or a massage therapy session. Contact me and we schedule your first session together. Each training we will work on what you need most. You will experience concentration, centring, control, breath, precision and flow. You are welcome to apply for a discount on your investment if you are a student, musician, artist, yoga-, pilates-, health- or lifestyle teacher, lightworker, shaman or starting independent worker.