physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness

Welcome to SamsonPilates in Waddinxveen. One-on-one authentic Pilates classes on the traditional Pilates apparatus like the Reformer, Cadillac, WundaChair and more by certified instructor Joshua Samson with more than 25 years of Pilates experience. Classes can be taught in Dutch, English, Spanish, German.


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about pilates

Pilates is a whole-body workout that improves the quality of your movements and control over them.

The method proved to be efficient not only by top athletes/sporters and dancers however also by ‘regular’ people who suffer from a fragile condition and/or injuries or just want to get in a better shape and work on posture, getting stronger, more flexible, elegant and energetic.

The sessions are following the basic principles in the Authentic Pilates exercise technique: Concentration, Breathing, Precision, Centring, Control and Flow.



The SamsonPilates sessions are performed on Pilates equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac and WundaChair.

Mat routines are taught in the ‘Learn to train at home’ sessions.

The body is addressed equally and improves on strength, flexibility/elasticity, balance, posture, concentration and performance.

Through attaining control, strength and stretch you will achieve power and ease.

You will thank yourself for investing time and energy in the health & wellbeing of your body.


See archival pictures in the GALLERY. 

I am collecting pictures and video clips of archival material as well as fun comics on Pilates.


pilates gear

Everything you need for a good work-out session you can order here. 

Pilates/Yoga mats, water bottles, arm weights, toe-socks, audio sessions on Spotify of One Minute Fit exercises and recommended books on Pilates. 

Or get your own Magic Circle or use the discount link if you want to buy your own TecnoPilates apparatus like a Cadillac, WundaChair or Reformer via Paolo Piccolo in Italia.

Samsonpilates - waddinxveen - 0654621336

Client reactions

So happy with the results, I keep coming back, I walk so much faster now when I go to the forest with my friends, I feel better than 10 years ago and my back gets straighter. Also because I do the basics at home once a week.

Ursula (76)

Joshua is an amazing trainer and person who really sees you and goes the extra mile. I feel so empowered and energised after the sessions. I recommend Samson Pilates to all who need to improve their posture and level of energy. 5 stars !

Lorena Johanson.

Whow, that was intense - had my 10th class today. Never thought I could do all this. My first class included a complete body scan and thorough questioning on all my physical discomfort in the last years. I signed up and wanted to quit at class 4. It was so confronting. Now I decided to GO ON ! I feel so much better. Thanks Josh ! You really pulled me through.


I am a sport loving guy (Padel, running) that keeps getting into trouble, first my hamstring then my lower back, then my ankle, so frustrating. Since I started Pilates with Joshua only 3 months ago, I have more control over my movements and more strength and learned how to use 'the powerhouse'. I have not only recovered however also I keep winning my matches and no more injuries (knock on wood). Great job buddy, you sure know your stuff.

Jacob B.


Book your private class, series of classes or a massage therapy session. Contact me and we schedule your first session together. Each training we will work on what you need most. You will experience concentration, centring, control, breath, precision and flow. You are welcome to apply for a discount on your investment if you are a student, musician, artist, yoga-, pilates-, health- or lifestyle teacher, lightworker, shaman or starting independent worker. 

Ready for change?

This 90 day challenge programma offers 12 classes, Support calls, hometraining routine, food advise, release session. Intake and final session.